A Very Vintage Valentine's Day

Who wants to spend Valentine's Day at a fancy restaurant when you could spend it digging through old dirty "junk"!

I was decked out in my favorite outfit....yoga pants, t-shirt, old tennis shoes, and a messy bun to top it all off. If you've ever seen me mid-thrift, you'd NEVER guess I own my own boutique, that's for sure!

Heather and I hit 4 of our favorite junk stops. I walk through shipping container after shipping container making mental notes of things I HAVE to have. A piece of fencing, a wardrobe, old screens, the list goes on.

Things I look for when pickin' consists of items that somehow still have their original paint, anything and everything chippy, rare and eclectic pieces, things that are oddly shaped, pieces that can be used for different purposes, and if I'm being quite honest I rarely ever look at furniture first if at all. Nope. I want the weird, unusual, random things that nobody else looks at. But most of all...in the back of my mind I'm always looking for old wood!

I know it's going to be a successful haul when I come across some old chippy boards! At One Rose Decor, we make some of the most unique signs! I try to find the most rare and unusual boards and trim to make our signs with at the store. Totally not your typical signage.

Most of the time I don't have any particular item in mind when I'm out thrifting. I tell my customers all the time "sometimes you don't know you need something until you see it." Heather knows I've found "that" item when I impulsively slap her arm and then take off running towards it.

We were two stops in when we began playing our favorite game of jeep tetris. Let me preface this by telling you I drive a tiny Honda Accord and you would be so surprised by the amount of junk I fit in there! So naturally the back of the jeep is huge in my eyes.

I knew I could easily fill up the back of the jeep from just one stop. But I'm proud to say we have crossed into a whole new level of junkin' when we begin piling things on TOP of the jeep as well (thank goodness for the bed net to strap it all in.)

Not to mention we also had a random assortment of items stuffed into the wardrobe inside the jeep. Hey, if you've ever been into One Rose Decor, you know we sure know how to make the best use of small spaces! And we pack it tight!

I came across a post on Facebook yesterday that read "my idea of a perfect date is to be dropped off at a yard sale and given a bunch of one dollar bills." I thought to myself, yup that's me! I'm a kid in a candy store! It's all about the thrill of the hunt!

Make sure you come take a trip to the store this week to see all of our amazing new (old) goodies!


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  • Oh my I was just there yesterday!I guess I need to come back again.

    Pamela Wade

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