Designing for Fall

Alright, alright, I know... summer isn't even over yet. Working in retail, I'm always at least one season ahead. And let's face it, I don't care what time of year it is, who can turn down the scent of pumpkin spice? Candles are one of my guilty pleasures and I may or may not have 4 different fall scents currently filling the air. I'd like to think they're fueling my creative juices for this blog post.
After 24 years of living with other people, the apartment that I'm currently living in is the first place I've been able to call my own. I've gone from living with my parents to living with friends, to living with significant others, and I have to say having a place of my own is just about everything I've dreamt it to be. Having said that, I'm finally able to take full advantage of my decorating and staging talents. Since my vendors and I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing FALL for the past few weeks in preparation for our Fall Showcase, I couldn't help but go ahead and get started turning this home of mine into pumpkin spice and everything nice.
I definitely go a little crazy with Christmas, but for fall I mainly focus on my living room and dining room displays as opposed to the bedroom and kitchen as well. As you know, my style certainly leans more towards full and busy rather than simple and minimalistic. I think it helps to make a space feel warmer and cozier, especially for the holidays. 
The main living area is a small, cozy space with the main focal point being a French provincial chest of drawers which acts as a TV stand. The shelf above the TV acts as a perfect spot for a small interchangeable seasonal display. When you walk into the front door, the first thing you see is this shelf, so I wanted to make sure it was created with just the right rustic fall items. I love to layer different items, so here I've layered my rather large "gather" sign with a smaller chippy "autumn gather the harvest" sign. Usually, when layering items, I like to have the largest item in the back and the smaller items towards the front. I then placed a set of 3 rustic pumpkins on the lefthand side to balance out the little sign. Both wooden signs along with the wooden pumpkins were handcrafted at the shop and all florals came from Micheals.
The next major thing in the living space that I like to focus on is my sofa because let's just admit we all know that I have a slight obsession with throw pillows. I have a few larger pillows that I use year-round; however, I like to add a few little seasonal pillows in there as well. TJMaxx always has such a wonderful selection to pick from. But of course, I've got to have something #handmade incorporated as well, which brings me to one of my favorite seasonal items this fall... Sew Sassy's little shabby chic pumpkin pillow. We are thrilled to be carrying these in the shop this year. I had to snag one before they hit the shelves!
Underneath the shelf on the wall, I've decided to accent my white chest of drawers by filling an empty space on the floor off to the side of it. Floors often get overlooked when decorating. The walls and table tops aren't the only things to utilize for displaying. Sometimes simply placing something on the floor can help to highlight a space or a piece of furniture. I usually keep greenery in this oversized vase at all times of the year. I added some white pumpkin sticks to mix in with the greenery and then placed 3 different sized pumpkins on the floor in front of it. I love the look of stacked pumpkins.
Moving on to the other side of the living room, I created a comfy little sitting nook. This is the area I created specifically to read all the books that I start and never finish. Luckily I do get a lot of writing done in this chair. I kept this area pretty simplified with just one pumpkin accent pillow and a little tray of fall goodies. Of course, leaving room on the tray for the TV remote, phone, or cup of coffee.


The kitchen table has been decorated with a 2 tier wooden tray. Trays are always my favorite things to decorate with when it comes to table tops because they hold all of your essentials in a stylish way. A 2 tier tray wouldn't be complete without a few Rae Dunn pieces from Home Goods and a fall scented candle along with some filler florals.

In addition to the table tray, my levered doors are accents with a rustic "happy fall" banner made from vintage book pages. Book page banners are one of my favorite items to decorate with for the seasons because they can be so easily folded, zipped up in a plastic bag, and stored until next year without taking up a lot of space. The neutral colors of the black text and faded book pages make these an easy addition to anybody's style of decorating. (I moved the table tray out of the way and replaced with some pumpkins just for the picture so that the banner can be seen better.)

Saved by best for last, of course. I crafted this table tray at this shop using the top of an old folding TV tray and pieces of salvaged spindles as the feet. The feet lift the table about 3" off the coffee table which is nice because it gives it some dimension. On top of the tray, you'll always find a candle of course. I've paired this signature "Fresh Cut Roses" candle from our shop with 2 of Sew Sassy's shabby chic fabric pumpkins.

You'll have to come to our Fall Showcase to see a few of these items along with hundreds of other handmade fall goodies crafted by our talented team of artisans. Our showcase is being hosted on Saturday, September 7th from 11-6pm right here at our store. See you there!

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