Perfectly Imperfect

My name is Nicole Smith. AKA "Sew Sassy!"

Before I moved to Virginia I was lucky enough to have many adventures in life. My husband was active duty Marine for close to 13 years which brought us all over the world. I got to experience living in Okinawa, where I taught at an international school and learned to speak Japanese. From there we moved to North Carolina and enjoyed listening to the waves crashing every night from our patio. To Texas rodeos and getting to be with my girls every day as their school librarian. And now in Virginia I wasn't sure what I would do.

I have always prided myself on not being afraid to try new things. Jump in with both feet as you could say. I never thought a chance conversation with a local shop owner would lead me to where I am today. Sewing for me is something I never imagined I would do.

1. I'm not good at sitting still. AND 

2. I do not like following directions

So... begs the question. Why do I love it so much! I get to be with my kids, work in my pajamas, make my own hours, and best of all I am my own boss.

I still create each thing to my own terms. I hate patterns almost as much as I hate those little pins your supposed to use to make sure everything is perfectly lined up. YES! I know all you traditionalists I saw the eyes get bigger! I rarely use a pattern and if I do I make it myself. And I never use pins. They slow me down. Or maybe I'm lazy- I'll let you decide. I love that each thing I make is different.

Each thing is "perfectly imperfect".

Just like me.

I love that each item has character and tells a story. I love being able to reuse vintage laces and linens. I can feel the energy that the fabrics have as I sew. I imagine how many family meals were served on each table cloth I repurpose or special moments spent in a jacket I'm taking apart. Each stitch tells a story. It reminds me to slow down. Life doesn't need to follow a pattern.

Sometimes you need to freestyle it.



  • Loved your message and your skills!

  • Nicole, you know I enjoy my one of a kind, flannel and lace scarves. I really love my shirt pillow as well. Perhaps, a teddy bear made out of baby clothes or from a shirt will be a future purchase. Keep on keeping on with your freestyling!


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