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With the loss of my childhood dogs this past year, I was left heartbroken. Beatrice had been part of the family since I was in second grade. I rushed off the school bus and hastily made my way to my classroom, anxious to tell my teacher and show her pictures of my little fluff ball of energy! She was an "only puppy" up until a few years later when we brought home a sister for her... Coco. These two were best friends, side kicks, and partners in crime. Beatrice was a whopping 18 years old when we finally had to say goodbye to her. Our biggest fear was that Coco's anxiety would get the best of her after the loss of her sister, which it ultimately did. 

Just a few short months later, we had to say goodbye to Coco. This hit our family hard, especially for my mom because she took those little dogs everywhere with her in their old age. We all felt a void after they were gone. And by "we", I mean myself, my family, my close friends, and even my customers. My parents' house was empty and customers were no longer greeted with doggy kisses. 


I had thought about getting a puppy for quite some time. About two months had passed since the loss of Bea and Coco and I finally began my own hunt for a puppy. I set up an appointment to go visit a 14 week old Pomeranian. I closed the shop promptly at 6:00pm and gathered my belongings. I was ready to walk out the door when my dad stopped my and asked what I was doing. I responded with my typical response "I'm juuuust going to look!"
".....then why are you taking so much cash?" asked my dad hesitantly. 


The next time I came into work, I had my puppy with me. Pickle was now part of the family and has become our official shop dog. She was 14 weeks old, basically had no fur yet, and weighed an entire 3lbs.
Since then, she's become absolute best friends with my cat, Alice, made friends with each person who's come into the store, learned lots of tricks, slept in my bed with me (and pottied on my bed...), and learned to use a litter box! Her favorite things in the world are Pupperoni treats, hugs, dirt from the bottom of my dad's boots, scraps of human food, the stuffed foot that she tore off her Woodstock toy, naps in the passenger seat, barking at herself in the mirror, giving you her paw, and gathering up sticks in the backyard. Her biggest fears include the old rusty sink that is used as display in the store and the noise that her food bowl makes when it slides around on the hardwood floor. 

She's been loyal to me since day one, never leaving my side. If I'm running sprints, she's running next to me. If I'm walking around pricing items in the store, she's walking right at my feet. If I nap on the couch, she naps on the couch. She's got a heart of gold and gives me just one more reason to question people who claim that they aren't "dog people." Above all, the best thing about Pickle has been watching the joy that she brings to other people. I've never met anyone who didn't smile upon meeting her. She brings so much laughter to anyone in her presence.



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