Valentine Tablescape

If you're anything like me, you redecorate your entire home for Christmas and honestly for fall as well; however, Valentine decor comes on a much smaller scale. A simple tablescape will do! This look is put together by using a multitude of salvaged and repurposed items as usual. One of my favorite things about coming home is the authenticity and creativity that fills that space within my quaint little apartment. You may find an occasional wholesale item here or there but for the most part I try to bring new life into old items! Call me crazy, but I love wondering where all these old items came from! All the stories behind reclaimed wood... you can't help but wonder!

Amidst Valentine's Day prep at the shop, I came across a couple pieces of pallet wood that we had actually planned to incorporate into my handmade checkout counter back in May 2019. After toying with a few different designs and building methods, we decided not to utilize them. So, naturally I just saved them for a rainy day. Upon uncovering it again from one of my many lumber piles months later, I was thrilled. What I love about these pieces of wood is the very faint glimpse of old text coming through. If you're a pallet wood fanatic like I am, you know that sometimes the larger/thicker boards have text on them from the manufacturer. After years of use, the text begins to fade and that's when I think it looks the best. Faded enough to be able to stencil over top of, but not faded too much that you can't see a little bit of it's history anymore. And of course I had to add a little greenery underneath for some nice texture!

The little wooden heart blocks that I used in place of candles on top of my candlesticks are made from nothing other than a simple stained 4x4. Believe it or not, this piece of wood had been saved for almost 4 years. Originally, it had been used as a shelf in my old store location. It was home to many signs and wall decor pieces before finally being removed and saved in the storage room. One of my goals in this new year is to put all of my old materials back into use. So, BAM, here we have simple Valentine decor made in under 5 minutes! 

Chippy is the new black! These white chippy candlesticks are a great way for me to add a vintage touch to my table display while also adding some height and sticking with a neutral color scheme. I added old wooden trim and moulding to the top and bottom to make them stable and to create a surface to hold candles (or in my case, the little heart blocks). Another one of my favorite materials to craft with is vintage book pages. I have numerous old books in my workshop at the store and I'm constantly pulling out pages to use for decor! 

Sometimes it's the simplest things that add the most comfort to our home. I so enjoy revamping my space for the larger holidays but there's something so special about the simplicity of Valentine's Day. Easy and quick to set up as well as take down once February comes to an end!

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