"Nobody Cares, Work Harder"

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What if I told you that everything holding you back in life is completely irrelevant? The demands from others, the need for more hours in the day, fear of embarrassment or failure, and everyone's favorite... your lack of money. You are capable of so much more than the mediocre expectations you've come to know. In this book, we raise your bar higher. "Nobody Cares, Work Harder" digs deep into the tools needed to find your passions and have the courage to share them with the world through starting your own business or simply managing a side hustle. With each of my 14 traits, I will unpack its vitality and relevance by sharing my own personal failures, mistakes, setbacks, and most importantly my successes, and brutal honesty that I've gained through owning my own "small" business. With each page, you will tap into your inner self-worth, ultimately leading you to your full potential.