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One Rose Decor is your number one locally-owned repurposed vintage home decor boutique and customization studio. We invite you to read about its' history!

original one rose decor store front building from 1950sStarting out as a restaurant and motel combo in the 1950s, Farebee's was booming with business. Truckers traveling up and down Midlothian Turnpike would use Ferebee's as a place to catch up on sleep, get some food, and listen to live music. Seeing as there really wasn't much else around in this area, apparently Ferebee's was the place to be back in the day. The area surrounding the motel and restaurant was covered in nothing but trees and hitchhikers for miles. I know, hard to believe now. Over the past couple years, we've come across some post cards that were sent out from visitors staying at the motel. Tommy, if you're still out there, pay us a visit. It always amazes me how much more special something becomes once you start peeling back the layers of history. One lesson I've learned by being here is that some of the most interesting places are the ones you can't just search on Google to find information. We've literally had to pull bits and pieces of this building's history here and there and piece it together like the kind of puzzle where each piece is the same color.

Ferebee's Motel continued to thrive until the surrounding area began to develop and real-estate tycoon, Jim Hubbard (my grandfather) bought the motel along with the larger building in front of it in the 1970s. One new roof and a slap or two of paint later, the building was born yet again with new life along with new purpose. I wish I could dig up some kind of word(s) to describe this man. The most vivid memory I have of him was at Christmas parties with his infamous battery-operated Santa Claus hat that sang a very enthusiastic (and repetative) version of Jingle Bells. He was the James Bond of real estate and its no mystery where my sense of optimism, creativity, and dogged determination stems from. He saw something, he went for it.

Jim was buying, transforming, and reselling properties all up and down Rt. 60. Possibly one of the first people to start the fixer upper craze. I can count at least 6 different spaces that housed his office for Hubbard Real Estate and other random ventures that he and his friends pursued. One of them being Happy the Artist (now local art icon in RVA) who made wooden signs. Still not sure what purpose they served. Needless to say, he didn't stay put for very long. Buy a building, renovate and repurpose, sell it, and the show begins again a couple miles down the road at his next target. He eventually sold the bigger building to a banking company and left the motel...well, vacant you could say. Other local businesses moved in. Champion Saddlery, Montage, the Hair Hut, Mason Motors, and Tams Auto Brokers. But amidst all this hustle and bustle, the two end units patiently sat vacant for years. Some say it was collecting sewer bugs, I say it was collecting character. After sitting in VCU lecture halls for 5 years daydreaming about running my own business while blatantly disregarding the muffled murmurs of professors in the background, I decided it was time. 

On September 3rd, 2016, at 11:00am, after two months of renovations, One Rose Decor's first storefront was born. Just me. No employees, no vendors. A 300SF showroom with a 300SF workshop and customization studio. I remember standing there looking at what I had created, cross-armed and barefoot as always when I'm in deep thought...eh, I probably won't outgrow this space for a while. I was undoubtedly mistaken. I obviously had a skewed perception of just how many custom orders I would be taking on daily. I have since moved my retail location to 1811 Huguenot Rd, Midlothian VA 23113 (just a mile down the road) and brought in 14 vendors who help to keep the store stocked (you can shop their products by vendor on the home page as well as read their stories). Our "motel room" is now our paint classroom. Visit the "workshop" tab at the top of your page to sign up for one of our wonderful classes!

One Rose Décor is more than just a boutique. It’s a unique shopping experience full of vintage one-of-a-kind finds. Myself along with my vendors pour our hearts and souls into the pieces we create and firmly believe in salvaging, repurposing, and keeping the story behind One Rose Décor alive and well. Not only do we have a showroom full of goodies that you can come and shop, we also offer more custom ordering options than most other boutiques. From custom farm tables and custom furniture painting to custom hand lettered signs for homes and other businesses with thousands of font, color, and material options available.

When you own a local business, your customers become your bread and butter. I couldn't imagine what I would do without my customers who come in and shop our products, donate items to us, and those who come in for no other reason than to just chat. I am eternally grateful for my regulars and my customers who I have yet to meet. See you soon! Xoxo, 1R.


Store Hours:
Monday-Tuesday: closed
Wednesday-Saturday: 11:00-5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00-4:00pm
1811 Huguenot Rd, Midlothian VA 23113 suite 207